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Elemental Goddess

A 6 week group program to step into your highest energy to manifest and create the next uplevel in your business and purpose


When you are anchored into your Elemental Goddess energy, you make decisions and take action from a completely new place of power and strength.  Your body becomes a safe place to receive more abundance, more joy, more love and more success.


Your manifestation energy is through the roof as you learn to reclaim your power and anchor into this.

The Elemental Goddess is you in your wholeness, free of the blocks, limitations and hidden beliefs that were keeping you small. 


She is clear on her vision, her evolving purpose and the steps she needs to take to share this with the world.

She is rising, she is unstoppable, she is HERE.

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The Elemental Goddess Program will shift you into a new way of being and showing up so that you can:

Show up for yourself first, get crystal clear on your dreams, desires and unique path

Realise that you are capable of anything, reignite your confidence and inner strength

Attract and create your next level of success and breakthrough to the next uplevel of your business

Magnetise soul aligned clients that are ready to say yes to your highest integrity and value programs

Strengthen the potency of your message and the energy you share with the world

Balance your divine masculine and divine feminine leadership, intuition, action and decision making energies for a business that grows, expands and flows with your highest energetic expressions.

She is you in your wholeness, where you are completely aware of who you are now and who you have been - the past experiences that have shaped you, the learnings, the challenges.

She is strong, resilient and powerful.  She is intuitive, compassionate and fierce.  She is wild and free.

She works in collaboration with the earth and universal wisdom.  She evolves and expands and creates tidal waves of change.  She is here to start a movement. 


She has been waiting, she has been healing, she is awakening, she is READY.

What we will be covering:

Week One - Set Yourself Free - Out of Reaction Mode and into Creation Mode so that you can get unstuck and release your fire.  You will be releasing hidden blocks to the next evolution of your message and purpose  so that you can step into the most potent and powerful expansion of your work.


Week Two - Cutting Edge You - Anchoring you into your present moment and reclaiming your inner power of creation and manifestation so that you can magnetise more soul aligned clients, more abundance and uplevel your income consistently from a place of power.

Week Three - Your Source Codes and Collaborating with the Universe - letting go of disempowerment and learning to trust your deepest intuition so that you can create a soul-aligned business that is evolving with you and reflects your greatest purpose.

Week Four - Your true intentions and future beliefs, co-creating the life you want - letting go of the biggest blocks to your dreams and anchoring into a new level of your manifestion and creation power.

Week Five - Grounding and anchoring your work and creations so that your dreams and goals can be created in your physical reality.

Week Six - Balance of your divine masculine and divine feminine energies and setting the world on fire.  This is the divine union within, you will be activating both energy flows and feeling the full force of their collaboration in bringing about your next level of expansion and success.

How does your business and life transform with this powerful inner work?
Misti Patrella, Transformational Business Coach,
Bev Ramani Jane Hughes-Whyte, Yoga Teacher and Well-being Mentor, Root n Rize Yoga

I wanted to explore and understand the deeper barriers which are holding me back with stepping into the true me. 

Over the years I have worked on my confidence and my mental dialogue with myself in order to step into my dreams. Yet I have still not been able to move forward like I would like.

Meeting Bethan and working with her has been like a breath of fresh air and has really helped me to gain such a deeper understanding and perspective to my barriers and how I had been viewing myself and situation. Working with Bethan  was like a missing piece of the jigsaw of my life presented itself and has shown me a way forward.

Bethan has such a beautiful grounding, connective and intuitive way of working. Connecting with your energies within you and around you in order to help move from a place of feeling stuck to flowing and growing. But more importantly helping me understand my own energies and how I can use this to move forward and trust myself.

The weekly assignments set were very thought provoking and empowering, and reminded me the answers we seek are within us.

The inner child work we did was amazing. I have done some inner child work in the past, on a talking therapy level, which was helpful regarding increasing insight but I found this very limited. However I found how Bethan works with the inner child very empowering.

Being able to feel into my feelings, ground within myself, look within and trust myself with moving forward  are some of the key gifts Bethan has given me.

I can not thank Bethan enough for what our work together has given me.

If you are feeling lost, struggling to step forward, wanting to understand yourself on a deeper level and connect with your truth then I cannot recommend Bethan enough.

She will help you breath and believe in yourself and remind you the biggest gift is yourself and what you can offer out at this level.

Kerry Snell, Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach at Bright Being

Bethan shares wonderful tools and techniques that I have found easy to implement. As an intuitive energy coach getting clearer on messages for myself has been invaluable. Bethan's authenticity of all what she shares is amazing whether for your own personal growth and also to learn new tools to share with others.


Ali Seaman, Intuitive Energy Coach,


Bethan was an excellent mentor and always ready to help with new perspectives and guidance as the journey unfolded. I would say if you are contemplating this type of inner work, Bethan is such a brilliant and joyful person to learn from.

Jan Bowring

The program starts the week of 20 June 2022.

This is an exclusive and intimate group program for just 8 soul - aligned women ready for their next uplevel.

We will have our own private facebook group for connection, accountability, laser coaching live recordings and any questions throughout the program.

We will meet on zoom each week for our group call.  This will be an activation and integration session and there will be practices and ritual that will be set each week.

You will need at a minimum 1 hour each week for the zoom session, and a minimum 15-20 minutes each day for journaling, energy practices and ritual.  There will be several short laser coaching lives each week that go into detail on particular topics and teachings, these will be around 15 minutes and you can watch these in your own time throughout the program.

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